Mamma mia!

Here we go again…Another travel blog!

Like so many others before me, and most likely like so many after me, I have fallen in love with Italy.

It has been a long love affair, that began at a young age as I watched movies and learned about historic events such as the Renaissance. Later, when I was in high school, I was fortunate enough to take a school trip to Italy. However, the affair paused there as I focused on other things: college, friends; work; the conventional road. I had always dreamed of returning to Italy, but I believed it was an impossible life. That is, until I took a trip with my best friend overseas when I was 23. It was then that another friend contacted me about teaching English, and from there, planted the seed of possibility.

Now, at age 27, it has been a long, challenging, but amazingly rewarding, journey. So where do I begin?
I guess at the beginning….

Moving to another country is not easy by any means. I created this site to share my experiences and knowledge in order to help others. I believe that with every problem, there is always a solution. Therefore, I have addressed some of the obstacles, and then of course, some of my own, wonderful stories which are reasons that make all of the challenges worthwhile.

Please Note: This is a brand new site, so please check back often as I catch it up with years of experience and stories! I have lots to share, so get ready! 🙂