The Magic of Sicily

Sicily is such an amazing place it is hard to know where even to begin. Not only is it rich in history, but also in beautiful beaches, mountains, desert-like landscapes, and even volcanoes. Sicily is not simply a pit stop in Italy like other parts, but instead, I highly recommend spending at least a week … [Read more…]

Venice Carnival

“Masquerade! Paper faces on parade.” Intrigued by some of my favorite films, the Labyrinth and Phantom of the Opera, and by one of my favorite stories, Count of Monte Cristo, I couldn’t wait to experience the infamous Carnevale in the birth place of it all: Venice. Dark and twisting streets, mask covered faces, music, laughter, … [Read more…]

Christmas and NYE in Italy

  Christmas is a magical time and Italy is no exception. Ancient streets are illuminated with Christmas lights and majestic trees are strung up in the main squares. You can even see Preseppi or Manger Scenes. The air may be nippy and the days may be shorter, but the trade off? Fewer tourists and a … [Read more…]

Halloween in Italy

As an American, I can say we are pretty much obsessed with Halloween in the States. I can see why, it is one of my favorite holidays after all… Who doesn’t love pumpkins, costumes, candy, scary stories, and some good drinks? Unfortunately, Italy doesn’t share the American passion for Halloween, not yet anyways… In Italy, … [Read more…]