Best Places to Have a Good Time in Florence: The Nightlife

So, let’s face it, I’m a girl that likes to have fun and Florence doesn’t disappoint.

Bar Hopping

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If you are looking to bar hop, check out Piazza Santa Croce, Piazza Santo Spirito, and Piazza Repubblica. Here the bars come alive at night and people fill the squares and the streets. You can check out the different bars or simply bring your own wine to have a drink in the piazza. There is also a group of bars that are interesting to check out underneath Piazzale Michelangelo: Zoe, Negroni, and Rifrullo, but it is more for aperitivos or a quieter night.


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Here is a list of clubs in no particular order. Please note: Some clubs change their names and that this is not a complete list, but includes most of the main ones.

Flo: I love Flo, but unfortunately it is only in the summer. It is an open, chic, outdoor club, free to get in, and easily accessible from the center. You can walk or take bus 13. The most unique thing though is the views of Florence. You can find people of all ages here.

Blanco: Again, another club that is only open in the summer and is also an open, outdoor space. People say it is for a younger crowd (18-22), but older people go there as well. I have been a couple of times and always enjoyed myself. In other words, I never felt as though it was a “young” club. It is a bit out of the way, so you’d need to take a taxi. 10 cover that includes 1 drink.

Otel: I like this club. It is a more chic club and is nearly partners with Flo. When Flo closes for the Fall/Winter, Otel opens. It is a bit out of the way, so best to cab it or take a bus. 10 cover that includes 1 drink.

Blue Velvet: I really like this club during the colder months when Flo is closed, because it is an indoor club and is in the city center. It is located between Santa Croce and Piazza Signoria. 10 cover that includes 1 drink.

Rex: Rex isn’t really a club, but there is so much dancing that I feel like it is a club. I love Rex. It isn’t open in the summer, though. Last spring/winter, I often began my nights there and either stayed or headed off to some other club. Via Fiesolana, near Santa Croce.

Nof: Nof is a fun club. It isn’t chic or elegant by any means, but it is a good time. There isn’t a cover and often there is live music. It has more of a bar vibe, but there is lots of dancing and they often play music from the 50s to the 90s/early 2000s along with some rock music. It’s located near Santo Spirito.

YAB: Still haven’t been here yet. I’ve heard it is full of American college students and a younger crowd (16-22), but I’ve walked past it a few times and it doesn’t look that bad. There is often a line. It is near Piazza Reppubblica.

Tenax: Very famous club. I went here for Halloween once and I had a great time. They often have a popular DJ playing and tickets cost around 25 or more. It is quite a bit out of the way too, so you have to take a taxi or drive.

Manduca: An outdoor club that is quite fun. It is towards Scandicci and is only open in the summer. I’ve had a good time when I’ve gone there.

Babylon: I haven’t been here for a while, but when I went a few years ago I had fun. It has an “underground” club vibe. It is near Santa Croce.

Dolce Zucchero: Not sure if the name is still the same. I went here 2 winters ago, but I feel like it is a place that keeps changing the name. It was ok, but not a place I’d ever really say: “Let’s go to Dolce Zucchero!”

Bamboo: Again, this is a place that keeps changing it’s name. It’s located near Santa Croce. There are better clubs out there. Never a place I ever really try to go to.

Space: I went here once and I probably won’t go back. It is a younger, more international club.